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Dojo Closed on July 7th and 8th

Check back here to see if the dojo is closed, on an auxiliary schedule or has anything else coming up!

 Group Schedule

New Class Schedule taking effect on March 6th. You may copy the Google Calendar from above and add it to your own Calendar. This schedule will be updated frequently, and any closures will also be posted on the Calendar.

One of the benefits of doing a Group Class schedule is the flexibility that if you miss a class you can just attend another one. Most of you will probably choose the class(es) that you want to attend each week, but if something comes up just go a different one to make it up. These classes are all drop in classes.

To learn more about pricing and our programs, visit our programs page here.

 Ages 3-5

Mon  |  3:30 PM

Wed  |  5:30 PM

Fri     |  3:30 PM

Special Classes

All Saturdays, and an hour on Thursdays & Fridays we will (usually) offer Special Classes. Each of these special classes will have a theme. Students may attend Special Classes that match their age and rank at no additional cost. The class will follow that special theme. 

Themes may include:

-Specific Belt

-Specific Age Group

-Specific Stripe

-Sparring, Weapons, Board Breaking, Flips & Tricks

-Specific Martial Art 

-Only Punches, Only Kicks, Spin Kicks, Jump Kicks


The hope is to keep classes from getting stale by letting the Instructors get creative with fun classes that aren't always focused on getting the next belt. 

  Ages 6-12

White Belts

Mon  |  5:30 PM

Tue   |  4:30 PM

Wed  |  4:00 PM

Thu  |  5:15  PM

Fri    |  4:00 PM

Yellow Belts

Mon  |  4:45 PM

Tue   |  6:00 PM

Wed  |  4:00 PM

Thu  |  5:15  PM

Fri    |  4:00 PM

Orange Belts

Mon  |  4:00 PM

Tue   |  6:00 PM

Wed  |  4:45 PM

Thu  |  4:30  PM

Fri    |  4:00 PM

Purple and Up Belts

Mon  |  6:15 PM

Mon  |  7:00 PM*

Tue   |  5:15 PM

Wed  |  4:45 PM

Thu  |  4:30  PM

Fri    |  4:00 PM

*Purple and Up Belt students ages 6-12 may also attend the Advanced class if they wish.

Ages 13+

All Ranks

Tue   |  6:45 PM

Wed  |  6:00 PM

Thu  |  7:00 PM

Advanced Classes*

Mon  |  7:00 PM

*These classes are by invite only, Purple Belts and higher are automatically invited, but some students may be invited before Purple Belt. 

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