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Sensei Walker is Back! - We have returned to our normal Schedule

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We believe the martial arts is different for everyone, and everyone is different in the martial arts, so... we want to treat it as such. We have different programs, based on small groups (2-5 depending on age and skill) as well as family pricing to create a friendly, safe and challenging environment. If you would like to read more click on any of the programs below, or even better, why take our word for it. Come try it for your self, for free!

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We believe in safety first. Training today shouldn't mean an injury tomorrow.

We believe in making the martial arts fit you, not the other way around.

We believe in developing skills and critical thinking, not just memorization.

After a combined 35 years of training and 18 years of teaching Jeff and Walker opened Dojo Source in June of 2019. After hearing story after story about people being discourage from the martial arts due to bad business practices and negligent instructors they wanted create a dojo where anyone could train. Focusing on a more individualized approach and teaching not just the content but the context of the martial arts.

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Picture of Sensei Walker

Sensei Walker

Picture of Sensei Jeff

Sensei Jeff

"Sensei Jeff and Sensei Walker art great with kids and make learning a ton of fun for them! Both of our boys love coming to Dojo Source. As a parent, it is really nice to see how structured their curriculum is and that they have values identified for their students."

-Mike L

"Dojo source is great! We have been attending for a few motnhs now and have been getting so much out of the programs. I do the fitness routines while my sin is in the martial arts classes. Sensei Jeff and Sensei Walker strive to challenge and uplift us in every way. They really care about instilling the values of martial arts on the kids (and adults), not jsut teaching fun moves."

-Shannon R

"What a positive experience at Dojo Source! With patient and knowledgeable teachers, I am building confidence and skills. As a doctor, I see the immense benefits for children, adults, and elderly alike in building balance, strength, coordination and mental clarity."

-Emma P.

The martial arts is a big world. Check out our FAQ page if you want to read more and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!

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Park Class

We are on the north west corner of 80th and Wadsworth on the south side of the King Soopers shopping center.

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