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What We Do

We believe the martial arts is different for everyone, and everyone is different in the martial arts, so... we want to treat it as such. We practice a mix of Kempo and Jeet Kune Do. Both of them drawing influence from several different martial arts such as Chinese Kung Fu, Japanese Karate, Judo, Kali, Jiu Jitsu and more. Regardless of your focus, age or skill level you will love it!

Who We Are

Sensei Jeff has been training for over 20 years and teaching over 12 years. One of the best parts of teaching is getting to know students and families so we are able to teach not just content for people to memorize but the context of the martial arts as each person grows with their training. We love the martial arts and want to share our enthusiasm to help every student start their life long journey!

Sensei Jeff

Owner / Head Instructor

We believe in safety first. Training today shouldn't mean an injury tomorrow.

We believe in making the martial arts fit you, not the other way around.

We believe in developing attributes and critical thinking, not memorization.


Classes at dojo source are based on a Semi-Private structure with an experienced instructor. We believe a great class and amazing dojo has classes that make every student feel safe and challenged by their training.  Take a look at or different programs to find a group that will fit you perfectly.

We also offer family pricing so regardless if you want to train with your spouse or kiddos we will have a program for you.

"Sensei Jeff and Sensei Walker art great with kids and make learning a ton of fun for them! Both of our boys love coming to Dojo Source. As a parent, it is really nice to see how structured their curriculum is and that they have values identified for their students."

-Mike L

"Dojo source is great! We have been attending for a few months now and have been getting so much out of the programs. I do the fitness routines while my sin is in the martial arts classes. Sensei Jeff and Sensei Walker strive to challenge and uplift us in every way. They really care about instilling the values of martial arts on the kids (and adults), not just teaching fun moves."

-Shannon R

"What a positive experience at Dojo Source! With patient and knowledgeable teachers, I am building confidence and skills. As a doctor, I see the immense benefits for children, adults, and elderly alike in building balance, strength, coordination and mental clarity."

-Emma P.

Is Martial Arts right for me?

We believe Martial Arts is right for everyone. We are happy to work around injuries, limitations as well as teach every age group. The only way to figure out if the Dojo is right for you is to try a class and see for your self! There are a ton of physical and mental benefits to the martial arts. Check out on of our blogs linked below.

What type of Martial Arts do you teach.

We teach a few different types. We start with Kempo and incorporate Jeet Kun Do. We focus all of our training on self defense and practical application as opposed to sport or traditional martial arts. and teach a variety so we cover any situation and any range!

What does a class look like?

For semi-private lessons we encourage everyone to show up 10-15 minutes early to do one of our posted warm ups. We always have one that is more fitness oriented, and one focusing on material. After that you will join your class with 1-4 other students around the same age, rank, and size.

For group lessons we will start with a warm up/work out (depending on each group) and move into drills to cement what you learn during your semi-private lessons. Look forward to pad work, partner work and working up a sweat.

I have more questions!

We love to answer them. Check out our "FAQ" page or our "Blogs" pages. Of course if those don't answer your questions, feel free to call or text us at (720) 819-7572, email us at thedojo@dojosource.fit, or fill out a "Contact Us" form.