For Adults we offer slightly longer Group Classes. These are centered around getting a good workout, getting your repetitions in, and challenging yourself in a fun environment with other people doing the same. We love Martial Arts for Adults for these reasons:

Situational Awareness - Self Defense - Practical Knowledge

No Contracts

No Enrolment Fees

No Cancellation Fees

No Nonsense

Check out our programs below to find one that matches your schedule and training goals!

We recommend our "Standard" Program

Group Class Schedule

To see the Group Class Schedule visit our Student Portal.

Pricing and Extras

Basic - $125/Month

One Group Lesson/Week + Special Classes*

Get started with the martial arts. A great option if you have a tight schedule or want to try it out.

*Special classes must match student's age and rank to attend.

Standard - $179/Month

Unlimited Group Lessons + Special Classes*

Our most popular program, best for those who want balance in your training.

*Special classes must match student's age and rank to attend.

Private - $120/hr

For those who want to specialize or just want one on one instruction we offer private training, pay per class.

What's Included?