We believe in what we do and being forthright with everything we do. No hidden fees and no nonsense. We want to work with you to make sure you can find a fit that works for you and your family that will last a lifetime. After all, the martial arts is a lifelong journey.

If you can't find the information you need check our FAQ page, or get in touch and talk to us directly.

What is our program?

We offer a structure different to most martial arts schools. Focusing mainly on private and semi-private instruction, we believe there is no better way to learn. With class sizes no bigger than four, you or your kids will be getting the direct attention they need. We also offer group classes every Saturday, broken up by age group included in every program.

We also have a couple add ons. For adults and teens we have fitness classes running all the time at the dojo, this way you can show up early, warm up and jump right in to your lesson. For kids we have a Ninja warm up that takes around 15 minutes right before their class to make sure no time is wasted.

What are the different options and pricing?

Our Standard Program: 1 Hour (or two half hours) every week, including group class on Saturday and fitness classes. This is what we recommend for every age group apart from the littlest ones.

Price: $169/month

Our Basic Program: 30 minutes every week, including group class on Saturday and fitness classes. We have plenty of people who have a tight schedule and this is perfect for them. We also start off our Tiny Tigers (4-5 yrs.) with this program.

Price: $119/month

Our Advanced Program: 2 hours every week, including group class on Saturday and fitness classes. This is for the people who are committed to make martial arts a major part of their life. We suggest this after you have tried out our standard program and know you are in it for the long haul.

Price: $269/month

Fitness add on: This is a hit among parents. Tired of sitting up front on your phone, hop in the back and hit something while your child is training. This is a stand alone add for those who want a little more activity while learning something new and connecting with what your kids are doing!


What is included when we sign up?

We don't have any enrollment fees so everything listed below is included in your first months tuition.

Weekly Recurring Semi-Private Lessons

Weekly Group Class

Uniform and belt

Manual with training aids

Reference videos


Do you have family discounts?

Yes we do! We absolutely love when a family trains together and we don't want to make it hard on the bank. Feel free to mix and match our programs and add on as many members as you want!

Second Family Member: 25% off/month

Additional Family Members: 50% off/month