You are the master of your training, not the other way around. We have several programs for you to choose from in addition to instructors that work around your needs so you get personal training every step of the way.

The martial arts program is an all inclusive package, designed to offer a steady path of challenges and achievement. This is great opportunity for the growth of children, bonding of families, self-improvement, or simply trying something new in a fun and welcoming environment.

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The women's self defense program has been stripped down to the bare essentials. We want you to be a lean, mean, safe, fighting machine. Train with a highly practical curriculum and work up a sweat while you do it. Surrounded by like minded people we want to make sure you are ready for any situation.


Our fitness program is built make you sore in muscles you didn't think you had. Based on our knowledge in the martial arts we focus on training the whole body to give you the basics of the martial arts while improving strength, endurance, cardio, balance and more. With a new work out every day you will never be bored.


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