for all ages and skill levels

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We base our program on 30 minute small group/semi-private lessons so the pacing can be customized for you. Classes will be anywhere from 2-5 participants depending on age and skill level. We also have group classes every Saturday that are included regardless of your program.

We encourage everyone to show up 10-15 minutes early to complete our daily warm up before your class to hit the ground running.


Train fitness, mobility, self defense and mind body awareness. Our adult curriculum includes more material and is made to challenge you at every level.


As teens grow into their bodies we want to give them tools for self-esteem and self awareness while teaching them all the skills they need to be safe when they are out in the world.


Kids go through our program focusing control and confidence. In addition to playground vs real world self defense they also learn our 5 values - Attitude, Integrity, Respect, Self Control and Heart.

Options and Pricing

Standard - $179

2x - 30 minute Lessons/week + Saturdays

We recommend this option for everyone except our youngest ninjas (5-)

Ages: Kids, Teens and Adults

Basic - $125

1x - 30 minute Lessons/week + Saturdays

A great option for tight schedules and just starting out.

Ages: Kids, Teens and Adults

First Month Includes

At no additional cost!

| Uniform | Belt |

| Patch | Manual |

| App | Videos |

Family Discounts

We want everyone to be able to train and love when whole families train together. Mix and match programs and receive a program that fits your families needs. Family discounts below are for 2x/week and 1x/week respectively.

2nd Family Member - $139 | $99

3rd + Family Members - $99 | $69


We schedule each family individually and the schedule changes frequently. To see what might be open for your classes please call us. Once your schedule is decided, it's yours every week until you change it.

Saturday classes and any special schedules are listed on our Student Portal.