Kids and Teens

We believe in quality, focused instruction. That is why at Dojo Source we split up our classes into small groups of appropriate ages and ranks. We believe this is the best way to teach kids all the things we love the Martial Arts for:

Help with Bullying - Low Self-Esteem - Lack of Self Control

Self Defense - Personal Growth - Anger Issues - Physical Development

No Contracts

No Enrolment Fees

No Cancellation Fees

No Nonsense

Ages 3-5

This is our youngest age group. For our tiniest ninjas we focus on gross motor skills and coordination. Each lesson only has 2 or 3 kids, and will contain less "training" and more kids friendly martial arts movements, exercises as well as helping them become autonomous with the dojo rules and practices.

We recommend our "Basic" program.

Ages 6-12

This is by far our most popular age group for kids martial arts. For this group we believe in focusing on developing partner skills in addition to some more complex problem solving and emotional regulation. Your kids will learn the difference of playground vs. real world self defense work on full body coordination and tire themselves out doing it!

We recommend either program.

Ages 12-15

These ages are what we consider our Teens group. As your kids grow older and start experiencing the outside world on their own we focus more on "street" self defense as well as self esteem and total control of their own bodies. We use the martial arts to help create a well rounded person as they become more independent.

We recommend either program.

Pricing and Extras

Basic - $125/Month

One Group Lesson/Week + Special Classes*

Get started with the martial arts. A great option if you have a tight schedule or want to try it out.

*Special classes must match your students age and rank to attend.

Standard - $179/Month

Unlimited Group Lessons + Special Classes*

Best for flexible schedules and people who want to get a little more out of training.

*Special classes must match your students age and rank to attend.

What's Included?


To view the available class times check out the schedule on our Student Portal.