Full Days - 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

Full Week: $299  |  Single Day: $75

Half Days - 8:00 am - 12:00 am or 11:00 am - 3:00 pm 

Full Week: $179  |  Single Day: $45

Family Discounts Apply!

Early Bird Pricing until June 1st

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5 Weeks Of Camp

June 10 - 14

June 24 - 28

July 8 - 12

July 22 - 26*

August 5 - 9

*Science of Martial Arts Week

Our Goal is for kids to have fun, master their body, and learn how to be a martial artist. What is a martial artist? Martial artists not only learn self defense, situational awareness and coordination but also learn our 5 values in a kid friendly way.

When you are a part of the dojo these values are in everything we do from games to dojo activities and of course, our martial arts. 

First thing is first, we believe that SELF CONTROL is the most important value for training. Starting from our meditation at the beginning and end of each day we teach each student to think before they act. Something that is extra important when you are learning punches and kicks!

We believe in RESPECT for the dojo, senseis and other students just like for your home and family. From greeting each other with a proper bow to cleaning up after yourself and cleaning the whole dojo at the end of the week you can’t work together without respect.

We believe in personal INTEGRITY. Kiddos will be challenged in many of our games like Sneaky Ninja to keep themselves responsible even when no one is looking. Students will also set their own goals and be held to them for the camp week.

We believe that ATTITUDE makes all the difference. Challenges always arise, especially when learning something new and difficult like martial arts. Regardless of their struggles we believe in showing each kid what the silver lining is and how to take advantage of the opportunity in front of them.

Lastly we believe in having HEART, both compassion and working hard. After all, anything worth doing is worth doing right. In most of our activities we give kids a number of how many times they must do it, but they can only count it if it's a good one. You would be surprised at the standards most kids have.

Take a look at our daily schedule to see how we break up each day. 

**This schedule is a rough outline and is fluid. We always tailor the camp to meet the needs of each group, weather or other needs.**

8:00 - Students Arrive - Warm up with any of the drills/games from camp.

8:30 - Class - we start by bowing in and meditating. This is where most of the learning is done.

9:15 - Martial Arts Game - Time to practice what you learned with your camp mates.

9:45 - Snack - This is a great time to talk about our value of the week!

10:00 - Park Trip -  We take a two block walk up to the park. During our park time we might do class, games, or some free time to enjoy the summer.

11:00 - Quiet Time - A crowd favorite! Kids usually need a break. We have books, packets, and quiet activates run by the sanseis. The only rule... total silence.

11:30 - Lunch - During this time our half day students will arrive or leave.

12:00 - Class - Our second class of the day is usually a mix of review for the afternoon group and some new material for full day campers. This is my favorite time to have some of our older kids teach new students. 

12:45 - Martial Arts Game - Move like an animal in one of our ninja games.

1:15 - Park Trip - Don't forget water and sunscreen! We head to the park to talk about real world vs. playground self defense.

2:00 - Snack - We love taking this time to talk to students and see what they remember.

2:15 - Free Time - Kiddos have their choice of working with other students to practice any skills they want with help from the sensei.

2:30 - Quiet Time - Break out your packets and try some games for our animals, values and more!

2:50 - Cleaning - We clean throughout the day but do a bigger clean as the kiddos get ready to leave before we bow out.

3:00 - Go Home - Bow out and meditate, get shoes on and pack your bags. We try to have everyone ready to go before parents show up.

Note - Friday is a special day as we have a pizza party and do a Squirt Gun War. Ask your sensei for more info!

Sensei Jeff used to be a Middle School Science and Math Teacher. The week of July 22nd - 26th will still be a Martial Arts Summer Camp, (we will play lots of Martial Arts games) but in addition to these games we will learn about the Science of Martial Arts. Doing some Physics, Biology, Anatomy demos and lessons. Also because Astronomy is Sensei Jeff's Favorite, there may also be a Solar System Walking Tour.