A space for learning or meditation. Directly translated from Japanese dojo means "Place of the Way".


/sôrs /

A place, person, or thing from which something comes or can be obtained.

Sensei Walker

Walker started martial arts at 9 years old. Initially going for his sister to learn self defense, as well as engaging in a wonderful new activity for his family, Walker has stuck with it ever since, even as each one of his family members stopped. At the age of 16 he was awarded his black belt under Master Brad Randolph and immediately began teaching to create a deeper understanding. He has continued on that path to develop his own style of teaching and currently holds a 3rd degree black belt under Master Brad Randolph and Grand Master Jim Brassard.

When Walker isn't in the dojo he has is an avid hobbyist. Always looking for something to create, he seeks any opportunity to build, customize, cook or learn. This encouraged an attitude of self-teaching, love of the craft, and appreciation for experience in the quest of bettering yourself.

Starting in 2010, things started to change. Walker was experiencing extreme pain in his lower back, lack of mobility and an inability to do the things he loved. By 2013 he was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis. An auto-immune disease causing fusion of the spine and inflammation through out the body. This made Walker change the way he did almost everything. Teaching him there is always a "best way" that will change with each task, individual, materials and the time available. This fostered a no-excuse attitude of Progress is Perfection. It doesn't matter how fast you move or even how well it is done, as long as you are always working hard and making progress.

This same lessons translate perfectly to the martial arts. With these experiences Walker aims to understand that everyone is going to need something a little different. In building you might have to create a new tool for one job or just hit it with a hammer until it fits. In cooking will always season to your taste or make a substitution because you forgot something at the store. There are always challenges present, and for Walker, that is the most fun about bettering yourself and creating something new. Walker is excited to work with each person and work through those individual challenges.

Sensei Jeff

Jeff Baines started Martial Arts when he was 6 years old after getting in trouble at school for pretending to be Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles. He started taking Tae Kwon Do with his Dad, and after six years they both achieved 2nd Degree Black Belt. They both took a break to learn to play volleyball, but continued to love watching Martial Arts movies together.

During college in Boulder, Jeff decided to get back into Martial Arts. He wanted to learn a different style, so he joined Boulder Karate and began to learn Shaolin Kempo. Soon after joining, his instructors and friends noticed that his jumping ability from volleyball gave him the potential to learn flips and tricks. This “bounciness” helped Jeff to develop his fighting style in Shaolin Kempo, embodying the Shaolin animal the Crane. The Crane is known for its patience, and this is really Jeff's teaching philosophy. Being patient with kids who are struggling and giving positive reinforcement is the best tool for helping students learn new and sometimes difficult techniques.

After achieving Black Belt in 2014, Jeff honed his knowledge of Crane style and began to incorporate other animals into his fighting style. During his 8 years at Boulder Karate, Jeff worked as a Middle School Science and Math Teacher for 5 years and as a Martial Arts Instructor for 7 years. He was able to blend his experiences as a teacher into being a Martial Arts Instructor, and even developed much of the Summer Camp Program at Boulder Karate. He achieved 3rd Degree Black Belt in 2018, and shortly after started working with Walker to open Dojo Source.

Sensei Jeff really loved teaching Middle School, but he wanted to do more. Every year he had to restart with a new group of students so the community that he wanted to build was never quite realized. He decided to help build a community that doesn't just reset each year and can accomplish more. Martial Arts isn't just about protecting yourself and the people you love, it is about bettering yourself. One of the requirements to reach higher ranks at Dojo Source is to help members of the community who are in need.

Yes, we also get confused when we are talking about our respective Emmas.