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Classical martial arts is where Mr. Grove began and he's been training in the same system for nearly 50 years. With that discipline as his foundation he was able to transition into the film industry as a stunt performer and fight choreographer in his early 20's. He wrote and sold his first screenplay in 1994 and was given the amazing opportunity to direct his first feature film in 1999. This led to more writing, producing, and directing as the years moved ahead. His final evolution was becoming a sales agent at international film markets. With over a decade working with distributors he has helped many filmmakers release their films in countries around the world.

We have been lucky to meet Mark, Sara and their crew through the COVID 19 pandemic, and selfishly we couldn't be more excited to have them in the dojo. Mark is a wealth of experience and stories, and everyone is kind and knows how to get down to work. Working in not only martial arts but also in stunt and film I fear there is too much to add on just our page.

We have had the pleasure of jumping into some of his classes and can't wait to learn more. If you are into any part of Ninjitsu, sword training or getting into film we can't recommend them more!

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