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There are a ton of amazing groups and individuals out there. We are lucky enough to have a few of the in the dojo or working with us. Click on any of them to read more!

Rouge JKD

Jeet Kune Do | Kali | Ju Jitsu | Boxing | Muay Thai

We are very excited to have Jack Gialanella partnered with our school. With his exhaustive training and skill set he not only teaches his own students, but us as well. His ability to bring 40 years of training in martial arts to harmony with 15 years of experience in clinical psychology working as a counselor (specializing in violence prevention) allow him to bring a rare cohesion to what he teaches and real life application.

A husband, father of two, a professor at CU Denver, it's hard to believe Jack finds the time to train at all, let alone show the dedication he has throughout the years. You would be hard pressed to find someone with more dedication, love, or excitement for every aspect of the martial arts.

Picture of Jack

Jack Gialanella

Rachel Mahloch

Women's Self Defense | Girls Self Defense | Private and Public Training

The Battle Woman® program is a comprehensive and integrated self-defense training method that combines breathing and visualization with targeted technical training to build confidence, and mental and physical strength. Preventative practice is empowering and nurtures healing as women learn real-time defense skills and strategies to remain calm and controlled in-the-face of physical and mental harm. Classes provide a safe arena for women to learn how to use their voice and set boundaries through role-playing self-defense techniques and scenarios.

Rachel has a deeply rich and diverse background - spanning almost 30 years - in corporate business, operatic vocal performance, and extensive martial arts training. She holds two, second degree black belts in both Kempo and a hybrid Japanese jujitsu-based self-defense (incorporating Muay Thai, Tae Kwando, Aikido, and Brazilian jujitsu)

Picture of Rachel Mahloch

Rachel Mahloch

Shadow Master Dojo

Ninjitsu | Stunts | Movies

Picture of Mark and his students

Mark with his Students

Classical martial arts is where Mr. Grove began and he's been training in the same system for nearly 50 years. With that discipline as his foundation he was able to transition into the film industry as a stunt performer and fight choreographer in his early 20's. He wrote and sold his first screenplay in 1994 and was given the amazing opportunity to direct his first feature film in 1999. This led to more writing, producing, and directing as the years moved ahead. His final evolution was becoming a sales agent at international film markets. With over a decade working with distributors he has helped many filmmakers release their films in countries around the world.