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Rogue’s vision endeavors to honor the principles and attitudes that Bruce Lee, and all instructors that followed, held and still hold dear.

Functionality - Competence - Independence - Authenticity - Awareness - Freedom - Creativity - Self-expression.

We are very excited to have Jack Gialanella partnered with our school. With his exhaustive training and skill set he not only teaches his own students, but us as well. His ability to bring 40 years of training in martial arts to harmony with 15 years of experience as a clinical psychologist (specializing in violence prevention) allow him to bring a beautiful harmony to what he teaches.

Regardless of your skill level, origin in the martial arts, limitations, or anything else, Jack has a curriculum for you. Being a father he intimately understand a parent’s need to provide a safe and nurturing environment and experiences for children, in addition to continuing his own training with different instructors and always adapting to each students needs.

You would be hard pressed to find someone with more dedication to, or more love for, the martial arts.

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