Some things you should know

What Style Do you Practice?

We practice Kempo (or Kenpo is just a term for martial arts). A mix of Chinese and Japanese Martial arts, our practice is focused on self defense, focusing mainly on striking, but with some grappling, trapping and throws sprinkled in. The origin of Kempo in the west is from James Mitose (Born in Hawaii 1916) but has roots that go far beyond.

How Quickly Will I Progress?

There is no quota for time or classes to progress. Some people take longer and some people breeze through certain ranks. Usually it takes 6-8 years to reach black, perhaps longer for kids. This estimate is based on 2 classes a week and daily practice of about 15 minutes.

For the kids we also focus on the 5 values, which are just as important as any punch!

Are There Any Extra Fees?

We don't have any cancellation fees or no show fees. When you reach purple belt you will have to buy sparring gear (through the dojo or approved by the dojo). We also have testing fees starting at $45 for your first - $150 for all black. Family discounts do apply.

What if We Want to Take a Break?

Give us 48 hours heads up and we are happy to reschedule any lesson. If you are gone for more than a week we are happy to prorate a month (keep your spot). Or if you would like freeze a month we can do that at any time with 7 days notice (lose your spot). Feel free to change your program at anytime!

Something Else you Want to Know?

Feel free to reach out at anytime and we are happy to chat, or even better come try a class. We believe the style is far less important than finding a dojo that challenges you with instructors you can respect and have fun with. See if we are a good fit for you!

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